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Game On!: Gearing Up For Life's Big Game VBS Craft Ideas!

 Game On! Gearing Up For Life's Big Game VBS Craft Ideas!

Ready to hit this year’s VBS crafts out of the park? Then you will love these neat craft ideas designed to get your kids in the team spirit! All crafts can be used for Lifeway’s 2018 VBS theme: Game On! Gearing Up For Life’s Big Game


Decorative Sport Mason Jars

What You Need:  
Mason Jars
Small Detail Paintbrush or Paint Pen
Medium Paintbrush 
Acrylic Paint (Check the label to make sure your brand of paint will work on glass!) 
Jute Twine (optional)
Rubbing Alcohol
Sandpaper (80 or 100-grit preferred ; also optional)

1.Wash your mason jars with warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Wipe down the jars with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess dirt, etc.
2.Use your medium paintbrush to paint the entire outside of the jar. This full-coverage coat will be orange for basketballs, brown for footballs, and white for baseballs.
Starting at the mouth of the jar, paint the top half of the jar. Then flip the jar over onto a piece of newspaper or a paper towel, and paint the bottom half. Make sure to coat the jar completely, though your first coat of paint can be light. 
3.Allow this first coat of paint to dry overnight before attempting to paint the second coat. You will need to paint at least two coats, three preferred, allowing the paint to dry overnight before applying the next coat. (If you do not let the paint dry overnight, it may begin peeling when you try to apply another coat.)
4.Optional Step: Distress the threads of the jar, the measurement lines, and the “Ball” signature using your sandpaper to make them stand out more. 
5.Add the stitching detail using both your medium paintbrush and your small detail paintbrush or paint pen.
-For Baseballs: You will only use your small detail brush/pen. Using red paint, draw a slightly curved line down each side of the mason jar so that the line stretches from the bottom to the top of the jar and so that the line is roughly halfway between the edge and the center of the jar. Draw arrow-like hash marks down each line to create “stitches.”
-For Basketballs: You will only use your medium brush. Using black paint, draw a horizontal line across the front of your mason jar. Then make a circle around that line so that the line splits the circle down the middle. 
-For Footballs: Using your medium paintbrush, make one thick white vertical line down the center of the front of your jar. Switching back to your small detail brush/pen, make small, horizontal hash marks across that thick vertical line from top to bottom, reflecting the hash marks on a football field. 
Let jars dry.
6.Add some twine or ribbon around the lip of each jar, and use these cute accent pieces to hold art supplies/pens/pencils, utensils, candies, or other VBS goodies!

Personalized Baseball Necklaces

What You Need:
Permanent Markers (Fine Tip)  
Jewelry Cord  
1.Using a red fine tip permanent marker (such as a fine tip Sharpie pen), draw a slightly curved line down each side of the washer so that the line stretches from one end of the washer to the other end and so that the line is roughly halfway between the edge of the washer and the cut-out center. Draw arrow-like hash marks down each line to create “stitches.”
2.Using a black fine tip permanent marker, write your name at the bottom of the washer (and/or any other personalization you so choose).
3.Take your jewelry cord, and cut it at your preferred length (16”, 18”, 20”, etc.). Keep in mind that the necklace will be a bit shorter than the length you cut it because it loops around the washer. 
4.Knot the ends of the cord together to close up the necklace. 
5.Hook the bottom of the cord through the center of the washer. Then pass the rest of the cord through the opening in the bottom of the cord to create a slip knot. Now you have completed a crafty piece of your game gear! 
*Tip: You can use these as name tags or as a cool craft project for your students. Use different marker and cord colors, and personalize them any way you wish!

Paper Footballs

What You Need:
Brown Construction Paper
Newspaper (shredded)
White Yarn
Hole Puncher
Football Template 
1.Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half hamburger-style. Draw a large oval on one side of the paper or trace a football template. Cut out two ovals going along the lines you just drew. Make sure these ovals are the exact same size because you will have to match them up when you put them together. 
2.Keeping the two ovals together, punch holes along the edge of the football, spacing the holes about 1 ½ to 2 inches apart. Do not punch holes too close to the edge. 
3.Tie one end of the white yarn off around one of the holes. Then thread the yarn through the holes until you have just a few holes left. Stop before completely threading the football.
4.Stuff shredded newspaper into the opening in the football. 
6.Once the football has been filled with newspaper, finish threading the football, and tie the yarn off at the last hole.
7.On one side of the football, make a 3” line of glue down the middle. Then make three 1.5” intersecting lines of glue across the central 3” line.
8.Cut four pieces of yarn: one 3” and three 1.5” pieces.
9.Place your pieces of yarn on the corresponding lines of glue. Let your football dry, and you will be ready to play some football!

To view more supplies for your Game On! VBS Prep click HERE!

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