Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Preschool Thanksgiving Craf

Items needed:
·         Construction paper
·         Glue
·         Paint
·         Wiggle eyes
·         Scissors
Use an off-white or white piece of construction paper as the background for this craft. You don’t want to use too dark of a color or the paint colors will not show up as vibrant.
Next take a piece of brown construction paper and cut a medium sized circle. This is for the body of the turkey.
Then take an off white piece of construction paper and cut a smaller circle that will fit inside the larger circle. This will be the face of the turkey.
Using red construction paper cut out the turkey’s snood.
With orange construction paper cut a small triangle for the turkeys’ beak and a trident shape for the turkeys’ feet.
Trace around the large brown circle in the middle of the page.
Have the children paint their hands and stamp them around the circle that they have traced.
Then have the children glue the pieces of cut out shapes in order to create the turkey shown above.
Last step is to add the turkeys wiggle eyes.

That’s one cute little turkey!