Friday, December 28, 2012

Get Students Interested in Learning

Use games in order to make learning more fun. You can either make up your own games or you can buy them. Just be sure they are a lot of fun and pertinent to what you are trying to teach in your classroom. Kids enjoy playing all types of games so you can be sure to keep their interest in the classroom if you play a learning game each day. Try not to make it a game where there are any winners and losers though, make it something where everyone wins so that no one will feel left out if they still just can't seem to get the material. Of course, there are some occasions when all of the educational learning tools in the world can't help a student catch on to a lesson. We have all been there, where we just don't understand something. If this is the case for you with a student, then be sure not to call attention to the fact that they are struggling. Simply talk to them to see if there is anything you can do to help them understand the material better. All it takes is to ask and then it will be clear how to help.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A word from our owner

To all PureFUN! Customers:
The tragedy and evil of the event in Connecticut this past weekend haunts us all. We are rocked to our core when evil breaks out on our kids – the most vulnerable of us. We want you to know that all of us here at PureFUN! are not only keeping the victims and their loved ones in our prayers but you as well. We know you will be directly impacted by this as you interact

with, answer questions for and discuss this event with the children and parents you serve. We pray God will give you the wisdom you need during this difficult time.
“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4
~ Todd Harrison, President

Monday, December 17, 2012

Have a pretend Pizza Party in your classroom

Do the children in your daycare love pizza? OF COURSE!

This super cute Pretend Pizza Party set from Melissa & Doug is perfect for letting your little ones create their own pizza. Have your students try to guess what type of food each topping is.Hold up the mushroom piece and see if anyone can guess what type of food it is. Make your daycare pizza party fun and educational!

Your students will love getting to serve each other their pizza creations!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bulletin Board Sets

There is nothing wrong with just decorating the bulletin boards for the fun of it in your classroom. There are so many different options available that are just for fun. You can theme your board to go with the seasons or the holidays. If you really want to add at least one thing educational to the board going with this theme, you can include a fact about that month, season, or holiday that the students may not have known. The board will still be all about fun, but they will learn at least one thing while looking at it. Bulletin board sets should be thought of as supplemental materials in the class. You can either make it overtly educational or you can spice it up with fun while they learn a little something. It is all really up to you and how you feel your students learn the best. Just be sure to change the board up every once in a while so the students are not stuck looking at the same boring thing all year while in the classroom.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teach Your Kids The Value of Fruit

Purefun has always been focused on giving childcare providers safe, healthy juices for their kids. Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy, balanced life and kids should be taught about them at an early age. Teach your students about antioxidants and how they prevent cancer. Also, let them know that apples and other fruits trigger your body to know when it is full instead of overeating. Teach them about bananas and potassium and how this helps to prevent cramps. One of the easiest ways to get children introduced to fruits is to give them fruit stickers on their classroom work.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monthly Ideas for Teachers

Teachers realize how important it is to keep things organized and that is why so many are working through their summer & winter holidays to have lesson plans and activities set in place well in advance of when they will be utilized. Books like ours will help you remain a step ahead of the game by offering stimulating and enjoyable lesson plans that all of your students will enjoy. Themed activities will allow you to tie in each subject's monthly lesson ideas and keep your students actively engaged in each hour of the day, while supplemental learning center activities will give students a chance to work on their own or with each other.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stars and the World

A star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun, which is the source of most of the energy on our planet. Stars were used by early navigators to sail the oceans and as celestial navigational objects. Calendars were build based on our star the sun. Keep your kids interested in learning about the solar system with our STAR stickers as rewards.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tissue Paper for Kids

Keep your children active in art class with tissue paper projects. You can choose from 20 different colors of paper and tissue paper is safe to use in any activity. Whether your kids are making custom envelopes or water lilies, Purefun has you covered with a wide variety of tissue papers to choose from.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Banner Decorations

Decorate your daycare in style with our colorful banners. They cover every topic from Welcome to Reading to Math and others. Many of our decorating banners have animals and fun things children like, while others are inspirational sayings and quotes for your classroom walls.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dolls Teach Through Play

With dolls, kids can explore and find that there is a child to match every doll they play with and learn that there is no difference that makes a child less able to be a friend or less able to be enjoyed. Our ethnic dolls help engage children in social discourse and encourage a breaking of the stereotypes that naturally build with age.

Our multicultural dolls can be used to teach a child how any baby would like to be rocked, cuddled, bathed, fed, and changed, as well as how a baby needs love and comfort. Showing a small child how to love a doll reinforces the care their own parents feel for them. Dolls can be used to teach little boys that there is nothing wrong with wanting to love a baby, care for a baby, dress or feed it. In fact, boys who play with dolls have more opportunities to learn how to become a loving, caring, fathers in the future.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Early Child Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscle groups. Infants acquire these skills by learning how to hold one's head up and eventually turn over their body, laying on their backs and flipping onto their bellies and vice versa. Over time, gross motor skills such as crawling, standing, balancing, and walking are learned, eventually turning into running, jumping, and pedaling. Gross Motor Skills for Little Learners is an excellent collection of activities that help children develop these crucial gross early child motor skills.

There are several subcategories that are included in gross motor skills. Locomotive skills involve coordinating the entire body while crawling, walking, running, and skipping. Stability skills help one balance their body while it's in motion turning, twisting, rolling, and bending. The EZ Stepper is a family favorite to practice stability. Manipulation skills are the use of hands and fingers to manipulate objects by throwing, dribbling, catching, and kicking. Joey Jump is an exciting game a child can play to learn hand-eye coordination with catching. By incorporating gross and fine early child motor skills into game and playtime, children will learn the skills they will use for a lifetime while having fun.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Peanut School Decorations

I love EVERYTHING Peanuts! But….. who doesn’t!

Back to school time reminds me of Peanuts. We are now offering a great variety of items that work perfectly in any classroom. Whether you are looking to create a specific bulletin board for your classroom, or if you just want cute stickers to put on papers that you are grading, has a great variety of items.

When creating a bulletin board remember the basics. Always start with an eye catching back ground color. It should match the items that you are going to be putting on top. For example if you want to make a bulletin board about setting goals, first check out this great goal banner (Peanuts of course!)

I would make my background color Yellow to make the few yellow pictures pop! Then i would make the banner the main focus of my board. Use large block letters to make a catchy phrase. Then find other bulletin board sets that will make your board pop.

Leave a space for students to write their goals and then you can post them to the board! Help your students learn how to track their goals and celebrate them when they achieve them!


Happy Back to School!

For all your back to school decorating supplies, visit us today at!

Tasting Colors


Orange juice

We always tell our schools to have the students try to GUESS the flavor they are drinking when they are serving our Stain Fighter Clear flavors. Here is a great blog from with a fun activity to see if your eyes can fool your taste buds.

Author: Shelly Smith

Topics Fifth Grade, Fourth Grade, Third Grade, Second Grade, First Grade, Elementary School, Psychology

Grade Level: 1st to 5th; Type: Psychology


This project examines whether people’s perceptions of taste are influenced by their sight.

Research Questions:

Can the color of a food or drink affect a person’s perception of its taste? or Can our eyes fool our taste buds?

  • Three containers of apple juice ( or feel free to try any of our clear flavors for a mixture)
  • Red and green food coloring
  • 60 small, clear plastic cups
  • 20 test subjects •
  • Paper
  • Pencil
Experimental Procedure:
  1. With the food coloring, dye one container of juice red and one container of juice green.
  2. Pour a couple of inches of juice into each cup so that you have 20 cups of red juice, 20 cups of green juice, and 20 cups of uncolored juice.
  3. Place one cup of each color of juice in front of a test subject.
  4. Ask your subject to taste the red juice and tell you what flavor it is.
  5. Ask your subject to taste the green juice and tell you what flavor it is.
  6. Ask your subject to taste the uncolored juice and tell you what flavor it is.
  7. Record their answers.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for all of your subjects.
  9. Analyze your results. Did the color of the juice affect your subjects’ perceptions of their flavors? Did people mis-identify the flavors in keeping with the colors. (For example: Did they think the red juice tasted like fruit punch or cherry?)

Terms/Concepts: Taste buds, Sense of Taste, Sense of Sight

Disclaimer and Safety Precautions provides the Science Fair Project Ideas for informational purposes only. does not make any guarantee or representation regarding the Science Fair Project Ideas and is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, caused by your use of such information. By accessing the Science Fair Project Ideas, you waive and renounce any claims against that arise thereof. In addition, your access to’s website and Science Fair Project Ideas is covered by’s Privacy Policy and site Terms of Use, which include limitations on’s liability.
Warning is hereby given that not all Project Ideas are appropriate for all individuals or in all circumstances. Implementation of any Science Project Idea should be undertaken only in appropriate settings and with appropriate parental or other supervision. Reading and following the safety precautions of all materials used in a project is the sole responsibility of each individual. For further information, consult your state’s handbook of Science Safety.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


PureFUN! is the one-stop shop

for all your supply needs!

At, find over 20,000 school supplies, arts and crafts, decorations, toys, teacher resources and more!


Arts-and-crafts Bulletin-Board Learning-Materials

Toys-and-games Teacher-resources Stickers

Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Early Childhood Lacings are Colorful, Fun Games as Learning Tools

Children learn to control both large and small muscle groups through play. This means they need a variety of activity for both large movements and balance and small movements that help them manipulate small items using their fingers. Lacing cards are fun for children because it is like sewing and the cards and string are colorful and durable. Using various colors of lacing string and cards can help a child learn colors and learn to mix and match various colors. It takes patience to sit and lace cards, so while doing so, children also develop attention skills to help them sit and finish the task at hand.

Schools, daycare centers and churches can all benefit from having learning toys for the children they care for. A variety of puzzles, lacing cards and various arts and crafts help the child learn while having fun. They are all also good entertainment and keep children occupied while learning and developing necessary skills. When choosing games and toys for children, take the age and skill level into consideration and remember that children love colorful, cute of funny pictures. Learning games should be inviting and a fun activity that holds a child's attention to be an effective learning tool.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Church Inspirational Decorations Help Children Learn

Kids learn better when there is constant mentions of the concepts learned. For this reason, decorating a bulletin board or Sunday school or vacation bible school with colorful virtues to read each time they are in the room is a good way to reinforce concepts teachers want the child to grasp. You can do the same with each new concept that the children are learning, such as books of the Bible, biblical characters of the Old Testament, a creation mural or scripture. When a child sees these bright, eye-catching church inspiration decorations each day, the information stays with them.

Church inspiration decorations can also teach other learning concepts, such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Meaning, this decorations can help enforce both values and mainstream learning concepts. This helps children with their overall education as well as learning the principle values taught in the Bible and by the church. Decoration can do a great deal to make a bright, inviting learning environment that makes children excited about the items on the board or on the walls. As they look at these things, they absorb information and retain it, as the bright pictures capture their attention each time they enter the room.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Improving Reading Fluency

The Building Fluency line of educational resource helps students learn the ability of reading fluency at a young age. They attempt to make reading fun by including poems, songs, rhymes and chants as part of the learning process. If a child has a good time doing something they are more likely to remember it and be more willing to take part in the fun again. The Building Fluency resources are available for grade 1 through grade 6 and also include many transparencies for an overhead projector as teaching aids. They make a great addition for any elementary school classroom.

The Developing Reading Fluency series of books were developed by Trisha Callella, a teacher with 15 years’ experience in teaching at an Elementary school level. She also holds a master’s degree in reading and has four years’ experience with reading recovery. Currently she teaches master’s level classes at the University of LaVerne. Trisha Callella has developed this series of reading resources using her many years of knowledge as a reading development expert and teacher. They are available from grades 1 through 4 and make a great educational resource for any teacher to have in their classroom.

Many other noted reading fluency aids are available as a great supplement to a well thought out teaching curriculum, from guides disguised as books of games or nursery rhymes to more complex teaching aids that come with educational DVD’s showing methods in action. Including any one of these fantastic resources to a classroom or a home school will greatly increase a child’s ability to comprehend the reading process.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sand Toys & Sand Molds


Perfect for a day out in the sandbox, these Sand Molds are a  great way to teach your child how to spell and have fun at the same time. Not only do we have great educational tools, we also have fun kits for making sand castles and other designs in the sand. Whether you are outside in the sandbox or out at the beach, our sand toys are perfect.

Our Large Castle Molds are perfect for preschool age children who want to build their very own customized sand castle.  They will have such a great time creating their own work of art right in your back yard!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Addition and Subtraction Learning

Minute Math Drills: Addition & Subtraction is a great learning guide that incorporates games and coloring into the learning process. Some of the fun games included in this educational guide are number searches, color by numbers and number matching activities. They also include drill pages to help students develop their newly learned skills. Some of the other addition and subtraction books and resources available that make learning fun are HomeWorkBooks Gold Star Edition: Add and Subtract and One-Minute Math. These valuable assets aid teachers in teaching the fundamentals of math in a fun easy to grasp way.

Aside from addition and subtraction books, math games can be very beneficial to helping a student better understand math. They incorporate simple adding and subtracting in fun fast paced games that often teach children the basics with ease. Every child loves to play games, by adding elements of math a child will voluntarily earn math knowledge while playing fun games. Some of the games available are "Sum Swamp", an adventure board game, Snap it Up, a fast-paced addition and subtraction themed card game and Addition Wrap Ups, a fun key and string game. Making early education a fun experience greatly increases a child's willingness to learn.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daycare Cribs Are Multi-Purpose for Multiple Children

Anyone who runs a daycare understands that cribs need to be completely safe and also certified to meet federal and state standards. We have daycare cribs that can be put to multi-purpose use – either as cribs, or as a play area, and we have cribs that allow you to stow them away at the end of the day. We offer our customers a chance to enjoy safe, quality equipment in an affordable way, and so we have several options of styles, convenience and price for you to choose from. In addition to regular cribs, we also have evacuation cribs in our stock.
Daycare cribs have several specific guidelines that they need to meet. They must be completely safe, they must be sturdy, they need to be easily cleaned, and they should be affordable. The Celebrity Portable crib is one of our top sellers, as it can be used for play or for sleep. It is one of the least expensive options available, and meets all required guidelines for safety. It is lightweight enough to be portable, and folds away into a tote bag. Not only is it great for children to sleep in, but they can use it for playtime as well.
In an emergency, you do not want to have to worry about your daycare cribs – you need reliable equipment at all times. Evacuation cribs are built to be sturdy enough to hold more than one child in case of a dire need. The compact size makes it easy to move through doorways in a hurry, and the safety labels can be used as guidelines in an emergency. The hardware is equipped for just such a scenario, and you can take care of the children without worrying about the cribs instead. In addition, it offers teething rings, an anti-microbial mattress and heavy locking casters.
As another kind of multi-purpose daycare cribs, the Angeles Compact Clearview Fixed Side crib is an outstanding crib for any daycare, home or church. The crib adjusts to two heights in order to accommodate the needs of multiple children. The rubber casters can lock into place after you wheel it in the room, and the clear panels at each end ensure a good view of the child while they are resting. This crib comes with a three inch rubber mattress, and meets all of the safety standards required. For even more peace of mind, there is a five year warranty on this product.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Learning DVD’s

Learning dvd’s are perfect for daycares, preschools and child care centers. We offer a great variety of dvd’s from learning your numbers, shapes, and alphabet to more intense subjects like fractions, money and money change, and physical science. Find the perfect learning dvd for your child. We offer a variety of learning materials for all ages.

Rock N learn is a leading manufacturer of Learning DVD’s. They offer lessons that range from one hour to an hour and a half. Some of their fun topics are: The Human Body, Phonics, and Nursery Rhymes!

100% daycare juice


Looking to revamp your menu? Have you been serving sugar-filled drinks to your afterschool students?

It is time to make a change! offers over 27 delicious flavors of 100% daycare juice concentrate. In just 1-4oz serving of juice, your students will receive their daily amount of Vitamin C. Under many state programs, our childcare juice is considered a serving of fruit.

We offer 13 flavors in our Stain fighter clear juices. These are perfect for younger children who may spill their drinks.

Our juice is shelf-stable until it is reconstituted.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daycare Party Punch

Party Punch III

Are you planning on having an event for the parents of your students this year?

We have a GREAT punch recipe using PureFUN! Juice. We love this Punch recipe around here and we know your parents and students will too!

The night before your event, chop up lemons and/or limes and place them in a freezer gallon bag and store them in your freezer.  (These will be used in the punch to keep it cold and look great!)

Mix 1 cup Orange Pineapple PureFUN! Juice concentrate and 6.5 cups water to make 1/2 gallon mixed Orange Pineapple PureFUN! Juice.

1- 2 liter lemon lime soda or ginger ale.

1- tub rainbow sherbet.

Mix all together and add the lemons you froze the night before to keep chilled.

Mix more as needed for the size group you are going to have.

Try the same recipe for other holiday’s using different flavors like Green Watermelon for St. Patrick's Day or Blue Raspberry for Independence Day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Daycare Cribs


Scottsdale Simmons Kids Clearview Fixed Side Crib- Natural

With all the changes in the new crib requirements, it is hard to choose the right crib for your school. Be sure to take the time to find out all the specific codes for your school including federal laws, state laws and local licensing codes.

At, we offer over 30 styles of cribs. This helps you be able to find just the right daycare crib for your school. Our cribs all meet the 2011 federal safety standards. On top of that, many of our cribs are also JPMA certified.

Whether you are looking to replace your cribs all at once or a few at a time, our prices on certified cribs make it easy to fit in your budget.

View our wide selection of daycare cribs today! – Your daycare crib expert!

Daycare First Aid Kit

Keep your first aid kits handy this spring break!

We have a great first aid kit that is perfect for any size childcare center. It contains 40 different items that are perfect when you need to bandage a scrap or mend a wound. Below is a list of all the items in our Fanny Pack 1st Aid Kit.

  • Bandages:
  • 5 Plastic Adhesive, 3/4” x 3” (1.9cm x 7.6cm)
  • 2 Plastic Adhesive, 1” x 3” (2.5cm x 7.6cm)
  • 2 Fabric Adhesive, 3/4” x 3” (1.9cm x 7.6cm)
  • 2 Fabric Knuckle
  • 2 Fabric Fingertip
  • 1 Plastic Patch,1-1/2” x 1-1/2” (3.8cm x 3.8cm)
  • 1 Butterfly, Medium 3/8” x 1-13/16” (0.95cm x 4.6cm)
  • 5 Dressings & Tapes
  • 2 Gauze Pads, 2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm), in one pack
  • 1 Trauma Pad, 5” x 9” (12.7cm 22.8cm)
  • 1 Gauze Roll, 2” x 6yds. (5.1cm x 5.5m
  • 1 First Aid Tape, 1/2” x 5 yds. (1.3cm x 4.6cm)
  • Wipes & Ointments:
  • 3 Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes
  • 2 First Aid/Burn Cream Packets, 1/32 oz. (0.9g)
  • 2 Hand Sanitizer Packets, 1/32 oz. (0.9g)
  • Instruments:
  • 2 Safety Pins, Medium
  • 2 Vinyl Gloves, Medical Grade, Size Large, 1 Pair
  • 1 First Aid Guide
  • Flu & Germ Protection Kit Component:
  • 1 NIOSH Certified N95 Face Mask
  • 2 Ear Loop Face Mask
  • 2 Vinyl Gloves, Medical Grade, Size Large, 1 Pair
  • 1 Hand Sanitizer, 62% Alcohol, 1 Fl. oz. (29 mL)
  • 1 “Preventing the Spread of Germs” Information Guide
  • 1 Fanny Pack - 3 compartment


Buy your Kit today:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Steel Daycare Cribs

full size lababy 86

Looking for the perfect daycare crib for your school?

We offer a wide variety of cribs that are all certified under the new 2011 safety standards.

We have a great selection of Steel Childcare Cribs.

We are proud to offer LA Baby cribs. If you are looking to purchase a Steel folding crib or a Steel non-folding crib, you’ve found the place. LA Baby cribs are CPSC certified and JPMA certified. They offer multiple mattress positions which make it easy to access your infants.

If you don’t have a lot of space, try out a Folding Steel Daycare Crib. They are perfect for schools that have rooms where children are moving from Cribs to Cots. Simply fold them up and store them when you need more space.

All LA Baby Steel Daycare Cribs have a gloss-white powder coat finish that is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Deal of the Day

shopping-cart-icon copy

Did you know that each day we offer a Deal of the Day?

Our deals give you discounted prices on items you use each day in your childcare center.

Be sure to check it out each time your order!

Melamine Dinnerware & Tumbler cups for your Daycare

10 Inch Melamine 3 - Compartment Plates

Are you looking to change to dish washable eat ware for your daycare? If so, we have a great selection of items to get you started.

5 ounce Melamine BowlWe offer multiple sizes of Melamine plates and bowls. Melamine dinner ware is perfect for daycare and childcare centers. It is durable and lightweight for your students. They are dishwasher safe up to 212 degrees and are reinforced at vital stress points. Most of our Melamine products come in 48 count. Depending on the size of your school, two of each product should be perfect. Our bowls have a durable gloss finish that helps resist chipping, scratching and staining.


We also offer Tumbler Cups. If you are looking to cut costs on disposable cups, these are a great alternative.  Our Cambro Plastic Tumblers are perfect for any school. They are dishwasher safe and offer a fluted design.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daycare Posters

Are the walls at you Daycare, Pre-School, or Child care center looking a little tired?

Fill them up with Posters.

At, we have a vast array of everything from Classroom Posters, educational posters, to Math Posters, Motivational posters and inspirational Posters.

These large posters will wake up any wall they are placed on at your Daycare.

All Posters are made of high quality poster material with bright clear colors. These Posters will stand out and proclaim the message that is printed on them.

For a complete list of all of our posters as well as all of the other exceptional products that we supply go to

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheap Daycare Gloves – Now in smaller cases!


Vinyl Powder Free Large Glove-100/Case

Do you ever just need one box of daycare Gloves and not an entire case of 1000?

Do you not have enough room for a bulky case of gloves or have teachers who need a variety of sized?

Well your in luck! We’ve heard the needs of child care centers and we have listened! now offers not only cases of gloves but also Individual boxes of 100 gloves for your day care, pre-school, and child care centers.

We still have all the varieties of gloves you have come to love like Vinyl and Latex, but now in a smaller quantity.

For a more detailed list of the gloves and other new items we offer visit us at

Decorate your school in STYLE!


It is always an encouragement when a parent comes into your Daycare, Pre-School, or childcare center and they see all of the decorations that the teachers have put up.

This shows the parents that the teachers care for their children and it gets everyone (including you) into what is going on at your Daycare, Pre-School or Childcare center. offers a vast selection of classroom decorations and borders. Everything from Animals, apples, to sports and stars!.

Not only is there everyday decorations, but also seasonal and holiday ones as well.

Wouldn’t it make you feel first-class when not only the kids, but also their parents fall in love with all of the decorations you have put up? has everything to help you make your Daycare, Pre-school, or childcare center feel like home.

For a complete list of Classroom Decorations and Borders, as well as, all of the other exceptional products that we supply go to

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Importance of Sight Reading

Being able to sight read common words is an important step in learning to read. It frees up time to focus on sounding out unfamiliar words and makes reading faster. As kids recognize more words and read faster, their confidence in their own reading abilities grows. Proficient readers sight-read almost all words, pausing only when something doesn’t make sense.

Teaching your kids to sight read some of the most common words around consequently a good idea. They would naturally pick up these words as they read more, but why not help them along. Purefun offers an excellent selection of sight words learning materials for preschools, schools, and parents.

Flash cards are among the best tools for sight reading. Hold up the card and ask your kid to read the word. Let him or her sound it out if s/he doesn’t recognize it yet, but remember the goal is to recognize the word and not have to sound it out. Start with just a few cards. Once your child has these down, add one or two more to the mix. Keep the words your child already knows so that s/he doesn’t forget them and gets a boost of confidence from reading some words correctly.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daycare Cribs


Babies are a very important part of your day care! They need your attention, your time, toys, diapers, and of course cribs!

Now at you can choose from a variety of different cribs from multiple companies like Foundations, LA Baby, Simmons Kids, and Angeles.

We have compact, Full-Size, and portable cribs for all of your day care, preschool, and child care center needs.

All of our cribs are certified and meet the 2011 Federal Mandatory safety standard.

Already have all your new  daycare cribs, but need accessories for them? has those too. From Drawers and Safety Sheets to evacuation frames. They all come in different colors to match the crib you currently have. is the one place you will need to go for your crib and crib accessory needs.

Need to know more about the new Daycare crib standards?

View our FAQ section here:

Krud Kutter for your Daycare

Ask yourself…

Do you have a stain in your carpet that won’t come up? Do you have grease stains from food in your kitchen? What about Marker and Crayon marks on the tables or walls? Have you tried other products and wanted something that’s non-toxic, biodegradable and water based? has just what you need for one or all of these questions listed aboveand more for your daycare, pre-school, or childcare center.

Introducing Krud Kutter!

This Concentrated cleaner can clean almost anything. Use it full strength or dilute with water and you’ve got a bottle of cleaner ready to battle anything it comes up against! is now offering the 4 ounce flip-top bottle of concentrate that can be used directly out of the bottle for those quick touch clean ups at your day-care, pre-school, or child care center.

Right now for a limited time this non-toxic, biodegradable and water based cleaner is on sale for an exceptionally low price. Each case contains twelve four ounce bottles.

Quantities are limited at this price, so order now and stock up for the rest of the year.

For a complete list of the other exceptional products that we supply go to