Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Window Decorating for your Daycare!

Winter Window Decorating

With December here, it is time to decorate for the winter and Christmas season. Everyone will be hanging wreaths on their doors or putting up paper snowflakes, but why not let your students get in on the decorating fun? If your classroom has a window or two then you have an opportunity to give your children the chance to personalize their classroom with their own decorations!

All you will need is fingerpaint.


You may also want to keep some plates or cups handy for mixing colors.


Just mix up a few colors for your students to use. For this activity be sure to have plenty of red, white, blue and green. Once you have a good assortment of paints let them have a ball painting the classroom windows. The washable and safe paint will come off easily after the holidays with some glass cleaner. You may want to use some dry erase markers to outline some more complex shapes for them to paint. Draw a simple Christmas tree or a candy cane for them to color in on the glass. The marker will come off just as easy as the paint! Let them get creative adding snowflakes, snowmen or anything else wintry they might want. Your students will have a blast decorating the classroom and will take pride in it all season.

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Here are some pictures of some FUN! ideas we saw online:

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clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Decorating for the Holidays


Christmas is quickly approaching and the decorating has begun. No kid can resist the reds and greens of the Christmas season! Get them excited for the holidays with one of our Christmas Bulletin Board Sets. Whether you want to create a winter wonderland, complete with snowflakes and snowmen, or you want to show your kids the joy of Christmas with the Peanuts gang, we have a set for you! Our wide selection of Bulletin Board Sets contains a perfect set for every classroom!

Help put your students in the holiday spirit this winter with these holiday decorations.

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Fun Floor Games for your classroom

Finding fun, new teaching methods is one of the best ways to help your students learn. Using games that allow them to interact with the material and visualize concepts is a great way to bring a little fun to any lesson. Some of the best resources for games are Daycare Floor Carpets.

Here are some great games to use with some of our carpets!

The Fishing for Literacy floor carpet can be used to help teach your students counting and the alphabet.


Teach your children to count by having them feed the fish! Simply place a bowl next to each and have your students take turns feeding each fish the proper number of worms. You can use our Wiggly Jiggley Worm Counters or even gummy worms for a tasty treat when the game is completed. If your students are already masters of counting, have them solve math problems instead. Begin by giving a student a math problem. For example, what is 3+4. Then let the student feed 7 worms to the number 7 Fish. This is a great method for keeping your students engaged and making math fun!

If your students need a little help learning their letters, then this product is perfect. The ring of bubbles containing letters is just right for an alphabet song sing-a-long. Have a student lead the class in practicing the alphabet by standing on the A bubble. As the song continues, they will follow each letter as they go by stepping or hopping in turn while the rest of the class sings the alphabet song.


The Blocks of Fun Rectangle is another great teaching resource. With its brightly colored squares, each labeled with shapes, numbers, and letters, it pairs perfectly with the Fun with Phonics Kit Squares and the Shapes and Numbers Squares. Your students will have a blast playing their very own giant matching game! They will become experts in their letters, shapes, and numbers all while having fun.


Let’s not forget about colors! Help your youngsters learn their colors with the Rainbow Rows Seating Rug. Use this great piece to play fun color matching games with the younger students or use it to help your older students learn to read. For the youngsters, hold up colored paper and have your students run to the right color on the rug. For reading practice with the older students write a color up on the board and have them find the color on the rug.

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Fall Fun for your Daycare Classroom!

The fall season is in full swing. With the world becoming a sea of color and the weather turning fair, this is the perfect time for a little outdoor fun with the children. Don’t waste such a great opportunity to feed your students minds and capture their imaginations. The new season is a chance to teach your students about the natural world they see changing around them, as well as the significance of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Here are two fun outdoor activities that can be used as excellent teaching tools.

Fall Leaf Wreath

What you will need:

Scissors, Glue, Markers, Paper plates (6 inches or 9 inches), Leaves

The first step to this little project is to take your students on a little field trip outside. Just find some trees, and let them collect leaves off the ground. Make sure to take this time to teach them about the fall season and why the leaves are such pretty colors. Once every student has a good number of leaves (at least ten) take everyone back inside to build their wreaths.

Now you can start crafting their wreaths! Begin by making sure every student has a paper plate. Have them fold the plate in half, and cut a half circle shape out of it. This is the base of their wreath. Next, have them color in the ring with fall colors using color markers. If they are old enough have them cover the ring in drawings of leaves they saw outside. Now they just have to glue the leaves they collected onto the plate ring. Once the glue dries they will have their very own handmade fall wreath!

You can even let the kids put other things they find, like acorns or pine cones, onto the wreath for a bit more character.

Now that your students all have their own nature wreaths, be sure to hang them up in the class room. These wreaths go great with the Paper Plate Turkeys from this post (space holder). Just string them together and hang them around the room.

Pet Plymouth Rock

What you will need:

Paint, Rocks, Permanent Marker, Tape

Here is another simple and easy craft that can be used to teach your students some of the history of Thanksgiving. Everyone knows the story of Plymouth Rock, so take your kids outside to find their very own! It is best to use rocks from a nearby creek if possible, but any rock will do.

Once your students have had a fun morning of finding their very own Pet Plymouth Rock and learning all about the pilgrims and the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s time to go inside for decorations. Don't forget to wash the rocks very well and dry them off before beginning the craft.

Now that everyone has a nice, clean pet rock, have each student tell you something they are thankful for and write it on one side of their rock in permanent marker. Then cover that in a piece of masking tape. Now let them have a ball painting and decorating their new pets. When they are done not only will they have a neat little keepsake, but a reminder of why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

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