Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Snack & Breakfast Ideas


Start off Easter morning with one of these adorable pancake variations! Your little ones will be excited to see the creation made! You can even have them get in on the fun and help you make breakfast.

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Looking for something easter themed to snack on and also satisfy the sweet tooth? Try one of the following choices that include a bit of chocolate.

This fun spin on the traditional smore is guaranteed to be a child favorite! Replace your typical marshmallow with an Easter peep. The colors give it a fun new look and make for the perfect sweet snack!


If you are looking for something a little on the healthier side then try out these adorable strawberry carrots! Use white chocolate with a bit of orange food coloring to give your chocolate covered strawberries a new carrot appearance!


Last, but not least, is my personal favorite! Using plastic Easter eggs, take a nail or something round and sharp to puncture a hole into the top. The hole needs to be large enough for a lollipop stick to fit into. Once you have created the hole, take a funnel and pour your favorite PureFUN! Juice flavor into the closed egg. Next, add in the stick and place the eggs into the freezer. Once frozen, you end up with an adorable Easter egg popsicle!
Tip! Give the popsicles a few minutes on the counter to make it a bit easier to open the top. You can also easily pop off the bottom portion of the egg if desired.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Eggcellent Easter Crafts - Marbled Eggs

This “eggcellent” Easter craft is a must try for every school, daycare or childcare center! The craft is simple and fun to create. It will leave you with a finsihed product that others wont believe your little ones made by themselves.

Items needed: tray or large plate, card stock or construction paper cut into Easter egg shapes, acrylic paint, craft stick or tooth pick and a squeegee


Begin by cutting out your easter eggs from cardstock or construction paper. Have your students do this part for some cutting practice! You can always draw out the eggs on the paper to give them some cutting guidelines.

To start the marbling process, fill your tray or plate with shaving cream. You will want an even layer across the surface. Next, you can take your acrylic paint and add a few drops around the shaving cream of as many colors as you would like.

After adding your drops, take a craft stick or tooth pick and drag it through the paint drops in zig-zag motions. This will create the marbled effect on the eggs.

Next, take your card stock or construction paper egg and lay it down on top of the shaving cream design. Let this sit for a few seconds to soak in the colors.

Pull the egg up off the shaving cream and allow it to sit another few seconds. You can then take your squeegee and wipe the shaving cream off. Sit the paper to the side and allow it to dry.

This technique can be used on all kinds of shapes for different projects and holidays!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

St Patrick’s Day Crafts

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Get out your green paint and help your little ones create these adorable hand print and fingerprint clovers! This craft is an excellent choice for every age group in your childcare or daycare center. You can even have them create these designs on shirts to wear on St. Patrick’s Day!


All you need for this lucky leprechaun is construction paper (green,yellow and black), a paper plate, orange paint, a marker, scissors and glue. Start by painting the outer edge of the plate orange. While this dries you can cut out the materials for the hat and glue the pieces together. Finish off your leprechaun by gluing it’s hat into place and drawing on his happy face. 


Crafting and snacking is always a fun combo. These crafts feature a child favorite cereal, Fruit Loops. To create the Fruit Loop rainbow, have students separate the colors and then place them in an arch following “ROY G BIV”. The clouds are just a pile of mini marshmallows. You can have them glue these down or skip the glue and allow them to eat their Fruit Loops and marshmallows when they are done.

For the “I’m so lucky” necklace, cut out shamrocks and hole punch them. Next give every student a piece of string long enough to easily fit over their head once tied together. Have students string about a fourth of the necklace with Fruit Loops, then add on the shamrock. Next they can string another fourth of Fruit Loops and tie off the ends. Now they have a necklace to wear for St Patrick's day. They can even eat the Fruit Loops off the string as the day goes on! 


For our last craft, cut some shamrocks out of green construction paper. Then using different shades of green construction paper, scrap book paper or tissue paper, cut small squares. Give each of your students a glue stick and let them glue on the squares. It’s an easy craft with a really artsy result!