Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

It's time to make a Time Capsule! First find a tin that will work to store your student's treasures. You could use a chip can or even a mason jar.
Let the children decorate the outside of the capsule. You can have them use paint, markers, stickers, glitter, string anything you have around the house or in that infamous junk draw of yours.

Have the children gather or make these items to include in their capsule:
·         Artwork
·         A Stamped Handprint
·         School Photo
·         List of interests and Favorite Things
·         Memorable quote
·         Family Photo
Then have them fill their capsule.

You can either have your students bury the capsule, or you can put them up in a special spot in their room to open up at the end of the year!

The following New Year’s Eve have them dig up or open their capsule from last year and do the same thing for that year. This idea is perfect for creating a fun tradition that the whole family can enjoy!
What a Fun Activity for Children of All ages to create on New Year’s Eve.

What you will need for this game:
·         Paper towel holder
·         Glow stick necklaces

Break the glow sticks to make them light up.
Connect the necklaces to make rings.
Turn the lights out and place the paper towel holder in the  location where the rings should land
Hand the kids their ring and have them toss it.

What a quick and simple minute to win it game that can be used in the classroom or at home.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rudolph Frame

Supplies Needed:
  1. Paint your kids hands and press them on white construction paper.
  2. Cut their hand prints out when dry.
  3. Have them paint the wooden frame.
  4. When the wooden frame is dry, glue on bow, eyes, nose and hand antlers.
  5. If you would like, add the child's photo to the frame before sending it home with the parents!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pom Pom Ornaments

  Supplies needed:

  1. Begin by cutting out your shape. Trace a star on a piece of cardboard. Then, trace a medium circle for the center of the star. Repeat the same process with a circle if desired.
  2. Cut out the shapes with a craft knife. Everything will be covered up with pom poms, so don’t worry about perfection on cutting.
  3. Working in sections, begin applying glue and placing the pom poms on the ornament.
  4. After the glue has dried, attach some twine or ribbon to the back with hot glue.
  5. Next, cut your photo to fit and attach it on the back with some more hot glue.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Candy Cane Reindeer

You’ll need:

Hot glue the wiggle eyes on the candy cane.

Then hot glue the red pom pom to the tip of the curve of the candy cane.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the top of the candy cane making sure the ends are even.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil to create an antler shape.

Finally, take the ribbon and tie a bow.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments

These adorable snow globe cup ornaments are the perfect thing to make for Christmas gifts!

Supplies Needed:


Print the Childs picture and cut it out around the child's silhouette.

Fold the bottom of the photo and glue the folded part of the photo to the construction paper. This is used for the bottom to keep the fake snow in the cup.

Grab your Disposable Plastic cup and use a pipe cleaner for the top to use to hang on the tree. Poke it through the top and twist the ends together.

Add the fake snow and glitter into the cup.

Hot glue the construction paper to the bottom of the cup

And now you have a completed snow globe :)