Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Snack Ideas

Need some healthy snack ideas for a Halloween party in your classroom? We have just what you need! The kids will be getting plenty of the sweet stuff on Halloween night so here are a few ideas that will be a filling, healthy choice that still get snacks into the Halloween spirit!


This platter of Ghostly Bananas and Pumpkin Oranges is guaranteed to be scarily delicious! For the ghosts, simply peel your banana and cut it in half. To finish add two dark chocolate chips on for the eyes. You can use a little dab of peanut butter or Nutella to make them stick.

Try placing a dark chocolate chip upside down underneath the eyes for a mouth!

The pumpkin oranges are just as simple! Peel your orange and cut up a stalk of celery into little stems. Add a stem into each pumpkin by pushing it into place. If you have trouble, try using a straw to create a hole at the top first. 


Want to keep the peel on your orange? Just grab a food marker from your local grocery store and draw a Jack-O-Lantern face onto the outside of your orange. Now you have a Jack-O-Lantern Orange that’s ready to eat!




You can use this same technique using a permanent marker on top of a peaches cup! Talk about a quick and festive snack! This Jack in the Cup will be a hit in any classroom of little ones!



Peanut butter crackers are a classic snack time favorite! Turn them into Spider Sandwiches by adding 4 pretzel sticks cut in half to each side. Be sure to put enough peanut butter in the middle to make them stick well! Lastly take a dab of cream cheese and place a raisin on top to create the eyes.

Try getting your students in on the fun and allowing them to help out in creating these adorable snacks!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2nd Look Book Box

 Book Box 3

This new product is worth a second look! Each box features a collection of previously loved children's books that are looking for a new set of little hands to pick them up for story time! Perfect for preschools, daycare centers and childcares, our book boxes include stories for children ages 5 and below. Each box, measuring 18x12x10'', comes packed full so you are guaranteed to receive a good variety and quantity of children’s books in each box. Due to the various sizes of each book, the quantity per book box will vary between 40 and 60.

bookbox 1

Books come in a mixture of hard covers and soft covers and may include some seasonal or holiday related titles. All books come in fair to like-new condition and can easily be passed on to the next classroom or donated when students are ready for a set of new stories.

Click HERE to get yours today at our introductory price of $29.99!

We also have yearly subscriptions available in both quarterly and monthly arrivals. For more information, click here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Creepy Crafts for Halloween – Q-Tip Skeleton



You will need 21 Q-tips per skeleton. Start by cutting 6 of those Q-tips in half. Next, take a white piece of paper and cut out your skull shape. It should look a bit like an upside down pear when you are finished. Now you can draw on the eye and nose holes and some teeth to make your skeleton’s face.

Using your favorite color construction paper, glue the head onto the top of the page. Now we are ready to start constructing the skeleton. Start by gluing one full Q-tip vertically underneath the head. This will act as the spine. Next, evenly space and glue 6 of the full size Q-tips horizontally across the spine.

Think of the two ends of the top Q-tip as the shoulders and the two ends of the bottom Q-tip as the hips. You will need two full size Q-tips for each arm. Place them in a “V” shape coming from each shoulder. Next we can add on the legs. Take two more full size Q-tips for each side and place them in a zigzag formation coming from the hips.

Lastly, take 5 of the Q-tip halves to create the fingers for each hand. The final two can be glued horizontally on to the end of each leg to be the feet.

Now you have an adorable skeleton that is ready to be hung up for Halloween!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Creepy Crafts for Halloween – 5 Spider Crafts

October is here and it’s time to get started on the spooky crafts for the season. In this series we want to share all of our favorite Halloween Craft Ideas for 2015! Let’s start off with 5 Spider Crafts that are crawling with fun!


Spider Candy Bag - Start by cutting 4 chenille stems and your paper plate in half. Next, paint or color your plate black with a marker. When dry, glue the chenille stems around the rounded side of one of the plate halves. Glue the other half of the plate on top of the legs with the two rounded sides on top of each other. Now you can add on the eyes and a smile with construction paper. To make it a bag just add the string on top by hole punching the top corners and tying the string into place. Now you can fill it with your favorite Halloween candy!

clip_image001[6]   clip_image001[8]

Spider Web Plate - Using either a piece of card stock or a paper plate, punch holes around the edge of the circle. Next, give each student a piece of string to weave through the holes and create a web. You can add a handprint spider, as seen in a previous blog post, prior to the web or a plastic spider by gluing it into the web. This craft is perfect for lacing practice!


Craft Stick Spider Web - Create a star shape with 3 craft sticks and glue them together in the center. Next, take a white piece of yarn and begin spinning it around the sticks to create a web. You will need to first secure it in the center and then loop it around each stick as you continue in an outward motion. Add a bit of tack onto the back if you are having trouble getting your string to stay put. Lastly, add in your plastic spider!


Spider Cup – Flip a cup upside down and add on a set of wiggle eyes. Next you will want to take out your scissors and cut out a set of fangs as well as cut 4 chenille stems in half. Take a marker and draw on a mouth. Then you can glue your fangs into place. To secure the pipe cleaners hole punch a hole on each side of the lip of the cup. Thread the stems through and make a knot on the inside with them to keep them in place. Now you can bend the chenille stems as needed to bring your spider cup to life!


Spider Lollipop – This one is perfect for a treat for the whole class or even to hand out on Halloween. You will need 4 chenille stems and a set of wiggle eyes for each lollipop. Just twist the stems form the center around the stick of the lollipop to form the body and legs. You will want to bend the ends of each stem to give the legs a 3D effect. Lastly, glue your wiggle eyes into place.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We’re Falling for Leaf Crafts!

Fall is finally here and we are excited to share our Fall craft ideas with you! We all know that this season is known for it’s colorful leaves. In today’s post we will be showing you how to make the most of those leaves that have begun to fall.


For starters, Try picking out a leaf and turning it into something silly. This one takes some imagination and creativity. You can draw the rest of your picture with markers and then place the leaves with a bit of glue or tape to create your image.

You can take your creativity to the next level by making your creations fully out of leaves! Check out the fun ideas we found below.

Check back in with us for more Fall and Halloween crafts! We have some fun ideas to share with you throughout the month of October!