Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun With Juice Flavors!


Are you still serving only Apple juice in your child care center? Branch out to multiple flavors and have fun inventing juice games with the children at your child care center. Here are a few suggestions & games that are great for kids:

What flavor is it? – Use clear or stain-free flavors and have the children guess what the flavor is. Tell them to take a very small sip of juice and roll it around in their mouth to get the full flavor. Show the children 5 or 6 pictures of different fruits and see if they can pick out the one that matches that days’ flavor. Or better yet, have the actual fruits in hand. For colored flavors, use juice that has two flavors combined and see if the children can guess which two flavors they are tasting.

Blue + Yellow = Green? – Using various colored flavors, try mixing the colors to come up with a different color. Does blue and yellow combined really make green? Have the children guess what the end result will be. Ask children what 2 colors (flavors) they want to combine and what color they think they will end up. Have the children experiment with crayons or paint as well.

Holiday colors – Use colored flavors to celebrate the holidays at your daycare. use our daycare juice that is colored Red, white (use a clear flavor) and blue for 4th of July week. Red and pink for Valentine’s Day. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Ask the children what flavors they think would be appropriate for an upcoming holiday.

Frozen juice pops – Use 100% juice to make frozen juice pops for the spring and summer. What a joy to end an outside time with a cool frozen pop!

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