Thursday, August 11, 2011

PureFUN! Party Punch


How often does your childcare center have special parties and events? Do you ever try to think of creative ways to serve snack on those days? PureFUN! 100% juice is perfect for creating a special Party Punch. With our FUN! flavors, you can mix a few other ingredients in with our 100% juice to make the perfect party punch.

For your fall parties, try using our 100% Orange Pineapple juice mixed with Ginger Ale & 1 tub of Orange Sherbet. Your students will go crazy for the taste and color of the juice.

For Christmas try using our 100% Fruit Punch juice mixed with frozen cranberries and Ginger Ale.

Try using our 100% juice to make fun drinks at each of your school parties this year. You will have fun creating a great Party Punch using PureFUN! daycare juice!


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