Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baggie Choices!


Don’t we love our zipper bags?! What did we do before the convenience of zipper bags? We use them for food, for small items that seem to multiply, for game pieces, for toy organization, to ice boo-boos, to protect precious mementos, to keep paper in place, etc, etc.

PureFUN! now offers the Ziploc Brand, as well as, the generic Zippit plastic bags. We have Ziploc sandwich size, quart size, gallon size; and the quart and gallon size even come in a freezer thickness, too. We have Zippit in snack size, quart size, gallon size and an extra-large 2 gallon size as well!

Take your pick and zip away!

For more childcare supplies visit us at www.purefunsupply.com!

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