Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Window Decorating for your Daycare!

Winter Window Decorating

With December here, it is time to decorate for the winter and Christmas season. Everyone will be hanging wreaths on their doors or putting up paper snowflakes, but why not let your students get in on the decorating fun? If your classroom has a window or two then you have an opportunity to give your children the chance to personalize their classroom with their own decorations!

All you will need is fingerpaint.


You may also want to keep some plates or cups handy for mixing colors.


Just mix up a few colors for your students to use. For this activity be sure to have plenty of red, white, blue and green. Once you have a good assortment of paints let them have a ball painting the classroom windows. The washable and safe paint will come off easily after the holidays with some glass cleaner. You may want to use some dry erase markers to outline some more complex shapes for them to paint. Draw a simple Christmas tree or a candy cane for them to color in on the glass. The marker will come off just as easy as the paint! Let them get creative adding snowflakes, snowmen or anything else wintry they might want. Your students will have a blast decorating the classroom and will take pride in it all season.

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