Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Indoor Kids Fort Idea for Preschools

Need a fun way to turn a bad weather day into a fun filled day of indoor activity? We have a great idea to share with you! Let’s build a classroom fort!


There are several ways to make a fort. Materials such as blankets, tables, cardboard boxes, chairs and other furniture are perfect for fort building. If you need some help with the design plans, just ask your students! They are practically professionals at making forts. Forts can be made large enough to fit the whole class, a small group or each student could create their own.

Larger Forts might be created by hanging sheets from the ceiling or draping them over tall cabinets. The same could be done for a fort to fit a smaller group.  Another quick and easy fort is to simply put a sheet over a table and let students crawl in underneath the table.

If large cardboard boxes are available to you, they are a great addition to any fort! The cardboard allows you to construct any shape you would like. It also gives the ability to cut out windows, doors, and the children can color and decorate it. 

If students have individual desks, you can have everyone bring a towel or a blanket to drape over their desk. Now you have mini forts for each student to read or do class work in!

For even more fort fun, plan a Reading Day! Send out a preparation list for parents a few days ahead. You can ask students to bring their favorite books, snacks, a blanket or towel, and even wear some comfy pajamas. Students will enjoy having a relaxing day of reading and won’t think twice about playground time or the weather!

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Share your fort ideas with us by commenting below, on Facebook, or even by sending us a tweet. We would love to hear your ideas!

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