Monday, May 19, 2014

Craft Ideas: Crafting with a Dr Seuss Classic

Dr Seuss books have been a classic for generations. Parents and teachers continue to pass down these whimsical stories to their little ones as they begin to read and rhyme! Now we can enhance these stories with the help of crafts that match the well known Dr Seuss themes.


This is another craft idea from our friend Nickki at Apple Tree Academy. It is quick, easy and super cute! All you need is white paper, red and blue paint, and a marker.

Begin by painting your student’s right palm red. Then have them stamp there hand down firmly onto the paper with their fingers pointing toward the right side.

Next paint the left palm blue. This time have them stamp down with their fingers pointing towards the left side of the paper.

Be sure not to use too much paint or it will prolong the drying process. You can give the paint a moment a to dry while students wash the paint off their hands.

When the paint is dry, it is time to add an eye and mouth for each of the fish along with the words “1 Fish… 2 Fish… Red Fish… Blue Fish…”. If you have little ones, feel free to add the words in for them. Now you have a simple craft to follow story time.

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