Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Healthy Habits Puppets

Looking for a fun way to teach your little ones about Healthy Habits and Safety? The Healthy Habits Puppets are perfect for assisting in the teaching of these topics! This friendly-faced puppet team is sure to grab the attention of even your youngest students. Children will fall in love with the characters and not only learn about Health and Safety, but retain the information they have learned as they continue to grow.

The stars of the team include Sam Soap, Tyler Tooth, Abby Apple, Shawna Shoe and Safety Sue. Each character demonstrates five areas of healthy habits including hygiene, tooth care, nutrition, exercise and general safety.

Meet the Healthy Habits Team! Sam Soap will teach your students all about hygiene! They will learn what it means to have good hygiene as well as how to maintain it. Tyler Tooth knows all the facts on tooth care. He will have kids asking to brush and floss rather than viewing it as a chore. Abby Apple is the nutrition buff. She will share with your students what foods they need in order to grow big, strong and healthy. Shawna Shoe is all about exercise! She will help little ones maintain a healthy lifestyle by teaching them all about the importance of exercise. Last but not least is the topic of general safety which is Safety Sue’s area of expertise! Students will learn from Sue how to stay safe in different situations and how to react should those situations occur.

The set includes instructions and ideas for using the puppets, along with 15 reproducible coloring pages and worksheets. These bonus items will help to teach, reinforce, and extend the learning activities of these important healthy habit concepts.

The Healthy Habits Puppets, made of soft, polar fleece fabric, are perfect for use in childhood and elementary classrooms, as well as daycare and childcare centers! Get yours today and use them to teach children the importance of developing and using good, healthy habits!

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