Monday, September 15, 2014

Hand-Print Crafts

Give your students a helping hand with these hand-print crafts! Your little ones will love creating different crafts using their hands!

Spider- Start by painting the upper half of the palm along with all four fingers. Making one print at a time, place the hand firmly onto the paper. When making the second print you will need to point the fingers in the opposite direction, connecting the upper palm prints. You can leave these spiders on the paper and add a decorative web, or cut them out and hang them around the room! Wiggle eyes also make a perfect finishing touch.

Lobster- Take your hand-print crafts under the sea with the lobster handprint! This is done just like the spider hand-print, but using the thumb as well to create the eyes.

Zoo Animals- These friendly zoo animals are simple to create with just a single hand-print! With the fingers pointed down, have the students turn their hand-prints into zebras, giraffes, lions, elephants and more with markers.

Fish- Don’t forget about the classic hand-print fish! These fish always come out unique to each student with a variety of bright colors. Paint the different colors directly onto their hands and all they have to do it stamp it down! Try cutting them out and creating a school of fish on your classroom wall.

What’s your favorite hand-print craft? Share your ideas with us below or leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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