Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Cleaning Around Your School – Let it Go!

Spring has finally arrived! That means it’s time for a good Spring Cleaning in your classroom! For the month of April we will be sharing with you all of our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks. We want to help you enjoy your summer as long as you can. Follow these steps and you will be able to have a stress free end of the school year as well as an easy set up for the beginning of the next school year!

This might be a hard concept for some teachers, but our first tip involves getting rid of some things. Here’s the rule; If you haven’t used it all year, then let it go! These items are only cluttering your cabinets. You can get started by separating items into piles. There will be a pile for things to keep, a pile for trash and one for donations. By making a donation pile you can pass on the stuff you aren’t using, that is still in good condition, to a teacher in need. It makes giving things up a little less painful when you are giving it to a good cause!

Keep in mind that the more you let go of, the more room you have for new material! You can check out for all of our teacher resources, arts and crafts, classroom furniture and more! Be sure to check back in for more Spring Cleaning tips for the classroom.

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