Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Splash – Painting with Water

Looking for an easy activity that is perfect for all ages in your daycare, childcare center or school? Water Painting is the activity for you!


Water painting is an excellent choice for a hot summer day! All you need are a couple bowls of water and some paint brushes. You could use paint sponges as well. Take your group outside to an area where there is plenty of concrete or asphalt canvas. You may want to pick a shady spot if it’s a sunnier day. Let their imaginations go free as they paint up and down the sidewalks or onto the playground area. Image result for painting with water

What is the best part about using water? Water will dry so there is no harm done to clothing and no mess to clean up outside! If you are concerned about the artwork not being a lasting project, bring your camera out and snap a picture of each new creation with the student next to it. Now you have a lasting copy of each piece!

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