Thursday, February 18, 2016

Healthy Snack Ideas: Winter Edition

clip_image001_thumb1Banana Snow Men – Start by chopping up a banana into slices. Each snowman will need 3 slices. Lay these flat on the plate in a snowman stack. For the buttons, grab a couple blueberries and placed them down the body of the snowman. You can use peanut butter or nutella to help make them stick. Don’t like blueberries? Try using a dark chocolate chip instead. For the arms, stick on two pretzel sticks to each side of the middle banana slice. The nose is just a sliver of carrot and the eyes are a each a dot of dark chocolate. 

clip_image0015_thumb4Banana Penguin – Start by cutting a banana in half and dipping the top half in melted dark chocolate. You will want to hold it at a bit of a tilt to give the white stomach effect that penguins have. Next, cut 2 orange M&Ms in half. Place one half on the top middle of the banana, where the chocolate is, as the beak. Take the other 2 halves and place them at the bottom of the banana as feet.
You can eat the last half of the 2nd M& M. wlEmoticonwinkingsmile2

Lastly, grab some white icing and add two dots for the eyes. To complete the look, grab your dark chocolate one last time and add on the pupil to each eye for a more realistic look.

Snowman Cheese Stick – Take your favorite color ribbon and cut it into small strips. Tie the strips around each cheese stick to create a scarf. Next, with a black sharpie, draw on buttons, eyes, and a mouth using small dots. With an orange sharpie, draw on the carrot nose. Lastly cut out the black hats out of construction paper and glue or tape them onto the snowman’s head.

Apple Penguin – Take your favorite apple and cut a heart shape into the side of it to create the face of your penguin. Using two strips of where you cut out the heart, take a bit of peanut butter and stick them on as wings. For the beak and feet, you can cut the shapes out of carrots or cheese. Using the peanut butter again, stick those into place.   Lastly, take two raisins and stick them on for the eyes.

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