Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Healthy Habits

Here are some great tools to use in the classroom to teach your class about a balanced diet. These activity plates help teach kids what they should and should not have on their plates. Make it a classroom event with the book set and the hands on Activity sets!


A friendly reminder from

MyPlate is a reminder to find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. Everything you eat and drink matters. The right mix can help you be healthier now and in the future. This means:

  • Focus on variety, amount, and nutrition.
  • Choose foods and beverages with less saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
  • Start with small changes to build healthier eating styles.
  • Support healthy eating for everyone.

Eating healthy is a journey shaped by many factors, including our stage of life, situations, preferences, access to food, culture, traditions, and the personal decisions we make over time. All your food and beverage choices count. MyPlate offers ideas and tips to help you create a healthier eating style that meets your individual needs and improves your health.




What you will need: scissors, glue, construction paper, 3 compartment foam plate, a cup, utensils and a bowl.

You can have children cut fruits and vegetables out of newspapers, grocery store ads or print them out.

Set up a place mat for each kid (a piece of construction paper… any color will do),Write on the plates, bowls and cup the different food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein

Have the child glue the appropriate food to the plate in their food group.

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