Thursday, September 14, 2017

National Literacy Day Activities

September 8th was National Literacy day, here are some ideas to keep your students engaged in literacy activities all month!

The first activity we found is called Making words. 

You take the foam/ magnetic letters and use the letters that are scrabbled to create multiple words. Make sure the children know to only use the letters given to them.

Items needed for this activity:
Click link to get the print off sheets
You can always create your own print off sheet. 

The Second Activity is called Stamp it out.
For this activity you will use stamps to spell out the written words, once it is stamped out the children can trace the letters on the next portion of the activity and the last step is to write it in their best hand writing.
Items needed for this activity:

Click this link to get the print off sheets:
You can also create your own print out sheet.

The third activity is Lace Letters
This is a very simple activity that children of all ages can participate in.
 Give them the word and they lace through the letters to identify how to spell the word given to them.
Items needed for this activity:

The last Activity we would suggest for a full day of fun 
Simply having the children pick out a book at the library or bringing in their favorite book from home to read silently or to read to a book buddy.
Click this link to find many different children’s books to purchase for you classroom library: