Wednesday, March 14, 2018



This activity is perfect for the classroom and at home because it’s appropriate for all age groups.
Items Needed:
·         Green poster board
·         plain and patterned green assorted papers
·         Glue sticks
·         Scissors

Begin by cutting shamrock shapes from the green poster board.
Next cut the assorted green papers (glittered, solids and prints) into strips approximately 1/2″ wide and then cut the strips into squares.
Apply  glue to the shamrock cut out, and start placing paper mosaic squares on to the shamrock. (Don’t worry if the squares overlap the edges of your shamrock – they can be trimmed later)
Allow the paper squares to dry completely before trimming off any overhanging edges.

Now it’s time to show off those shamrocks and spread the good luck to family and friends!

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