Friday, November 2, 2018

Terrific Turkey Craft

What are YOU thankful for? Inspire gratitude and get your students in the Thanksgiving spirit with this cute, colorful, and easy-to-make craft!

What You Need:
Googly Eyes (or White and Black Construction Paper to make your own)

1.Turn your brown paper bag upside down so that the opening is facing you, and write what you are thankful on the body of your bag.  
2.Glue a pair of eyes to the top of your bag. 
3.Cut an oblong, tear-shaped beak for your turkey and a bright red snood (term for the red fleshy bit that hangs over the turkey's beak). Glue those just below the eyes.
4. Deck out your turkey with festive feathers on the backside of the bag behind the turkey's face.

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