Monday, June 20, 2011

Plastic Cups: Summer Floral Daycare Craft!




It's time to look ahead and begin planning crafts for the summer season. I have one that is great for older children (ages 8 and above). This plastic cup craft is appropriate for Before & After School children in child care centers, home-schoolers and elementary schools.

Be forewarned: they will want to do more than one!

3-D Daisy

Materials Needed:

1 8 1/2 sheet white card stock paper

1 sheet green construction paper

1 pair scissors

Craft glue

1 5 oz plastic cup


1 cotton ball

1 sheet pink or white tissue paper

Various markers, including yellow


Step 1: Cut a 2" by 11" strip of green paper

Step 2: Make short, jagged cuts in the strip, simulating grass

Step 3: Glue the strip on bottom of white paper, fluffing up the grass

Step 3: Cut a flower stem out the green paper, approx 4" high and 1/4" width

Step 4: Glue stem on white paper as if planted in grass

Step 5: Cut 2 leaves out of the green paper and glue on either side of stem

Step 6: Very carefully cut cup from edge to bottom 14 times (making ‘petals’)

Step 7: Staple the bottom of the cup (flower) to the white paper at top of stem

Step 8: Tear off small pieces of tissue paper and randomly glue on white paper under the flower petals

Step 9: Using a yellow marker, spot color the cotton ball a little and glue the ball on base of flower (covering staples)

Step 10: Using markers, creatively decorate and finish the 3-D Daisy picture

Use caution cutting and handling the edges of the plastic cup - this is an older child craft.

Options: Do multiple flowers on one page for a garden, varying the heights. Use craft paint to paint the inside of the flower petals. Use black card stock for the base paper and neon markers to decorate and finish.

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