Sunday, May 27, 2012

Improving Reading Fluency

The Building Fluency line of educational resource helps students learn the ability of reading fluency at a young age. They attempt to make reading fun by including poems, songs, rhymes and chants as part of the learning process. If a child has a good time doing something they are more likely to remember it and be more willing to take part in the fun again. The Building Fluency resources are available for grade 1 through grade 6 and also include many transparencies for an overhead projector as teaching aids. They make a great addition for any elementary school classroom.

The Developing Reading Fluency series of books were developed by Trisha Callella, a teacher with 15 years’ experience in teaching at an Elementary school level. She also holds a master’s degree in reading and has four years’ experience with reading recovery. Currently she teaches master’s level classes at the University of LaVerne. Trisha Callella has developed this series of reading resources using her many years of knowledge as a reading development expert and teacher. They are available from grades 1 through 4 and make a great educational resource for any teacher to have in their classroom.

Many other noted reading fluency aids are available as a great supplement to a well thought out teaching curriculum, from guides disguised as books of games or nursery rhymes to more complex teaching aids that come with educational DVD’s showing methods in action. Including any one of these fantastic resources to a classroom or a home school will greatly increase a child’s ability to comprehend the reading process.

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