Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daycare Cribs Are Multi-Purpose for Multiple Children

Anyone who runs a daycare understands that cribs need to be completely safe and also certified to meet federal and state standards. We have daycare cribs that can be put to multi-purpose use – either as cribs, or as a play area, and we have cribs that allow you to stow them away at the end of the day. We offer our customers a chance to enjoy safe, quality equipment in an affordable way, and so we have several options of styles, convenience and price for you to choose from. In addition to regular cribs, we also have evacuation cribs in our stock.
Daycare cribs have several specific guidelines that they need to meet. They must be completely safe, they must be sturdy, they need to be easily cleaned, and they should be affordable. The Celebrity Portable crib is one of our top sellers, as it can be used for play or for sleep. It is one of the least expensive options available, and meets all required guidelines for safety. It is lightweight enough to be portable, and folds away into a tote bag. Not only is it great for children to sleep in, but they can use it for playtime as well.
In an emergency, you do not want to have to worry about your daycare cribs – you need reliable equipment at all times. Evacuation cribs are built to be sturdy enough to hold more than one child in case of a dire need. The compact size makes it easy to move through doorways in a hurry, and the safety labels can be used as guidelines in an emergency. The hardware is equipped for just such a scenario, and you can take care of the children without worrying about the cribs instead. In addition, it offers teething rings, an anti-microbial mattress and heavy locking casters.
As another kind of multi-purpose daycare cribs, the Angeles Compact Clearview Fixed Side crib is an outstanding crib for any daycare, home or church. The crib adjusts to two heights in order to accommodate the needs of multiple children. The rubber casters can lock into place after you wheel it in the room, and the clear panels at each end ensure a good view of the child while they are resting. This crib comes with a three inch rubber mattress, and meets all of the safety standards required. For even more peace of mind, there is a five year warranty on this product.

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