Thursday, February 20, 2014

Motivate your students with these classroom decorations!

Motivating your students to work hard is a must if you want to see their best work and efforts. There are several ways to motivate students but have you ever thought about setting up your classroom to motivate? You can help lead your students to success through motivational decorations.clip_image001

Motivational decorations can be a daily reminder for students to give their best effort! Just a simple poster or banner that reminds students to think positively could make all the difference on a bad day. Providing that daily encouragement around your classroom will help students to stay encouraged as well as encourage each other.clip_image002

Another great motivator in the form of decoration is a goal chart! It will help keep students focused on reaching their goals throughout the semester. You can also hang up student work that deserves recognition or display a student of the week that has shown their hard work. Students will enjoy being rewarded for their hard work.

clip_image003 clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image006

Staying positive is the key to success! Make your room a positive and encouraging place for your students.

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