Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Classroom Management – Quiet Critters

Looking for new ways to keep the volume in your classroom down? Check out these Quiet Critters! Quiet Critters only make an appearance when the room is quiet and the students are well behaved. If things get too loud or out of control, they get scared and need to return back home. You will want to have one for each student in the classroom. This way the students that are behaving can have one placed on their desk and the students who are not will change their act to earn their quiet critter too.

All you need to create your critters are heart shaped foam pieces, assorted wiggle eyes, and colorful pom poms. The foam heart acts as the base and looks like little feet. Simply glue the pom pom onto the heart and then add the eyes. We love that the critters pictured above have different eyes. It adds a little fun for the students when they see which one they earned. You can even have them create their own critters and ask them to pull them out when they are well behaved. Give this idea a try and let us know what you and your students think!

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