Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Roaring Mother's Day Craft

Let’s tell Mom how cool she is! We should send her some roaring love!
Supplies needed:
Teacher prep work:
Teachers go ahead and get a cardboard box from home or school.
Cut a flower shape out to be the face and mane of the lion.
Once you have the cardboard cut, use a paint brush and orange finger-paint to paint a circle and two cat ears. Once dry, go ahead and draw the face of the lion or save this step for the children to draw later.
Kids Time to jump in:
Each kid should get a white sheet of paper to start the craft.
Paint the childs hand with orange finger-paint and press it to the paper. Let the children go wash their hands off and let their handprint dry.
Once dry, glue the Lions head a little bit above the pinky finger. (See picture above for reference)
With the brown marker, help the child make toes on the tips of the fingers ( just two to three lines will do).
Then have them draw a tip of the tail with the brown marker as well.
If you didn’t already draw the face on the cardboard have the children create a face with the black marker.
Last, but not least, the most important part of this craft is the special message to Mom.
Mom Rawr the Best!

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