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Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity VBS Craft Ideas!

Babylon: Daniel’s Courage in Captivity VBS Craft Ideas!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Babylon while learning about Daniel's courage and conviction in the midst of this foreign land with Group's Babylon VBS! Spice up your VBS with these beautiful handmade art projects, inspired by the intricate artwork of this ancient world. These crafts are versatile for any age group and will give your kids a taste of Babylonian culture as well as a cool gift to give mom and dad!

Mosaic Frames 

What You Need: 
Mosaic Tiles
Unfinished Wood Frame

Perfect for kids of all ages, all you need for this craft is some unfinished wood frames and a lot of mosaic tiles. You can get mosaic tiles and wood frames from arts and crafts stores such as Michael’s, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, from Walmart or Target, or from any number of online stores. If you make pictures of your VBS classes, you might let the kids take home a picture of their class in these cute frames they've decorated!

Babylonian Art Plaque

What You Need: 
Corrugated or heavy cardboard
Liquid school glue 
Metallic acrylic paint (gold, silver, and/or bronze)
Shoe Polish (optional)

1.First, draw any design of your choosing on your piece of cardboard using a pencil. Ancient art used a lot of circles, swirls, and dots. It may be helpful to have some examples of ancient art handy if you want your design to be similar to the actual art of ancient Babylon. (Tip: The more spaced out your lines are, the easier it will be to go over them with the glue. Remember, glue goes on much thicker than pencil.)

2.Go over the design with your glue. Start from the inside and work your way out, or start from the top and work your way to the bottom. This will help you not to smear the glue with your arms and elbows. 

Don’t worry about getting the glue too thick since it will thin out a bit when it dries and the imprint of the design will be more prominent. You may want to practice on a scratch sheet of paper first to get a feel for how much glue comes out when you apply a certain pressure.

3.Let the glue dry overnight. It will dry clear. 

4.Paint over the entire piece of cardboard with metallic acrylic paint. Gold, silver, and bronze are good colors to use to replicate real ancient artifacts which were often carved in gold, silver, and bronze metals.

5.Once the paint dries, you can rub black shoe polish over the surface of the plaque, particularly over the design itself, to make the plaque look old like a real artifact.

6.To add an extra touch, frame these plaques in a mosaic frame! (see craft above) Just make sure you have the correct size cardboard for your frames!

Embossed Foil Pendants

What You Need:
Aluminum Foil
Clear Tape
Dull Pencil or Medium Ball Point Pen
Hole Punch
Yarn/Ribbon/Jewelry Cord

1.Cut your craft foam sheet into small, pendant-sized pieces. These can be any shape you prefer—rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, etc.

2.For each foam piece, cut a piece of aluminum foil slightly larger. Wrap the foil tightly around the foam—try to smooth it out as much as you can—and secure it with a piece of clear tape.

3.Using your pencil or pen, draw any design of your choice on the front of your pendant. You may have to do a couple of practice pieces to figure out the right amount of pressure to apply on the pendant without poking holes in the foil.

4.Once you have drawn your design, you may choose to color it in or trace over it using colored markers.

5.Punch a hole in the top of your pendant, and string your pendant on a strand of yarn, ribbon, or jewelry cord to complete your necklace.

To view more supplies for your Babylon VBS Prep click HERE!

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