Thursday, April 19, 2018

Canvas Silhouette


what you'll need:
·         blank canvas
·         two colors of  acrylic  paint
·         one full sheet label
·         profile photo of your subject

Here are the steps:

1. Paint the canvas. (This is the color that you want the actual silhouette to be Ex: White in photo)
2. Print the photo on the label sheet
3. Cut out the silhouette.
4. When the canvas is dry, stick the photo label on the canvas. (Make sure the edges stick really well, so your silhouette is well defined.)
5. Paint over top of label with the second color. (The color you want framing the silhouette ex: blue in photo)
6. Remove the label
7. Wait for the canvas to dry. Touch up any blobby areas with a fine-tipped brush.

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