Friday, October 17, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Halloween

Toilet paper rolls make for the perfect recycled crafts! We want to help you prepare for the upcoming holidays with a few of our favorite Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. From Halloween to Christmas, here are a few ideas to decorate your classroom or to send home with your students to decorate their homes.

For starters, you will need to collect your toilet paper rolls. These are great to have on hand for art projects throughout the year too. Try storing them away as you use them up.

Next you will want to grab all your art supplies. This could mean using paint, markers, stickers, glue, scissors, and more!

Halloween Themed

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins – There are two different pumpkins that we chose. One is very simple and the other a little more challenging. Just paint or color with marker or crayon to get an orange roll. For the first, draw on a face and add leaves to the top. For the second, cut the roll into multiple rings. Glue or tie them together in the middle to create a pumpkin shape. The stem is simply a ring of toilet paper roll painted green with two strips cut on the bottom to create a vine effect.

clip_image001   clip_image001[4]

Toilet Paper Roll Bats – This is as simple as it looks. Paint or color your roll black. When dry, fold down the top end on both sides to create the bat ear look. Wings can be cut out of black construction paper while you wait for the paint to dry. Add on the wings and a set of wiggle eyes and you're all finished!

Toilet Paper Roll Mummies – These mummies make for the perfect Halloween decorations. You can use a little left over toilet paper, thin streamers, white gauze, or tissue paper to cover the toilet paper roll and give it a mummy look. To get the first option simply add on some wiggle eyes. The second one makes this craft even cuter by making it more personal! Just cut out a picture of each students face and put it on the roll before wrapping. Now they are the mummies!


Check back in at for more holiday themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

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